Wedding-Networking Cheshire

This weekend we visited a lovely networking event. Meeting Craig (from inside the marquee, overlooking the lake and talking to Duncan and Misia (from the preferred outside catering company. It’s great to connect with like minded people. Looking forward to (hopefully) working together with you all in the future.

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21st Birthday Party-Winsford

On the last weekend of January we worked in a farm barn building, that was made to look fabulous by having a marquee inside the building! for Delyth’s 21st birthday party, with most of the guests being young farmers attending this event. The lads made a real effort to dress up as it was a Black Tie dress code as did all the ladies with their lovely dresses. The night went really well with a lot of cocktails and shots served for about 100 guests. The most popular drink of the night were the ‘Gas Bomb’ shooters, (enough said) but good fun was had by all. Hopefully their were not too many sore heads in the morning!

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