Hen Night-Cocktail Demonstration

In August we completed a Hen Night Cocktail Demonstration evening in Heswall. This is where we provided two members of staff, (one of which was a ‘highly trained’ cocktail barman). We explained how the cocktails were invented and roughly when the cocktail was first made (and by whom). Then we went into demonstrating how to make the cocktails, by ¬†breaking the elements of making each cocktail down. This was ¬†great fun, as once we have made the first cocktail, the ‘hens’ normally come in ‘pairs’ and make themselves a cocktail, under our guidance. We bring all the smaller equipment for the event, cocktail shakers, pourers etc as part of the service. Once again, a great night and a fantastic venue and host!

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Hen Night-Bebbington

Early on in August we provided our services at a Hen Night, (which are always fun nights). We set up the bar in the large outside patio space, at house in Bebbington, Wirral. On a mixed (weather wise) summer’s night. It was just about hot/dry enough to work outside. We provided, the bar/glassware/staff etc. The ‘hens’ loved it and drank a fair few cocktails! It was a first for Cheshire Cocktails as who should turn up at the house but a Naked Butler! (the ‘hens’ did behave themselves). Then a male stripper performed! A really good, successful night, which we thoroughly enjoyed working.

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