Mojito Cocktail

How to make the above cocktail, you will need the following ingredients/equipment.

White Rum

Sugar Syrup

Soda Water or Sparkling Water

High Ball Glass (or similar from cupboard)

Mint Leaves

Lime Wedges

Crushed Ice

Muddling Stick

Bar Spoon or long spoon.

This is a short, enjoyable cocktail and easy to drink. It is also farly easy to make!

Firstly, lightly ‘muddle’, (which is a bruising process for a couple of mint leaves and a couple of lime wedges using a muddling stick or bar spoon) in the bottom of the high ball glass. Add the double measure of White Rum and the Sugar Syrup into the same glass. Half fill the glass with crushed ice and stir with the bar spoon. Top up the glass with more crushed ice. Add the Soda Water and a sprig of mint through the drink for flavour/decoration. With this type of cocktail it is not necessary to shake it in a normal cocktail shaker. Relax and enjoy!


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Beam Me Up Scottie-Cocktail

How to make the above cocktail, (it is know as a ‘shooter’), you will need the following ingredients/equipment:

Banana Liqueur


Shot Glass (or similar from cupboard)

Bar Spoon or tea spoon.

This is a short cocktail, and very enjoyable cocktail too!

To make this cocktail, you will need to pour the banana liqueur, (as slowly as possible), on the back of the spoon, against the side of the glass. Roughly, (two thirds the way up inside the shot glass). Finally, top the drink with the Baileys, (using the same method as before), but only about a 1/4″ on top of the banana liqueur. Then you should have a “2 layer” drink. Relax and enjoy!

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