Measuring (Shots)

To make any good cocktail it is essential to have a balance of each element (within the cocktail) poured correctly. Therefore the accuracy with which the ingredients are measured is critical to the flavour of the finished cocktail. In most of my cocktail recipes, I have explained to use a single ”shot’ (25ml) or sometimes a double ‘shot’ (50ml). You can either use a ‘shot’ glass to help you measure correctly or alternatively you could use a plastic medicine measure, (if you do not have the proper stainless steel measure available). Some cocktail barmen measure shots by counting time and estimating the amount of fluid flowing through the bottle’s spout. This is known as ‘free pouring’ and can be accurate in skilled hands. Hope this information is useful to you.

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Virgin Colada-Cocktail

How to make the above cocktail, you will need the following ingredients/equipment:

1/4 litre of Vanilla Ice Cream.

1 x tin of Coconut Cream.

1 x carton of Pineapple juice.

1 x shot of lime juice.

Pineapple Slice (for cocktail decoration).

Pina Colada glass (or something similar from your cupboard).

Ice Cubes.

2 x Straws.

Cocktail Shaker/Glass.

This is a very popular non- alcoholic cocktail, easy to drink and is also farly easy to make! it is basically a Pina Colada cocktail without the rum!

Pour the pre-mixed ice cream, coconut milk, lime juice and pineapple into the bottom of the cocktail shaker, about a third of the way up (inside the shaker). Then shake the cocktail mix roughly 10/15 times over your shoulder. Pour it from the shaker, over the ice cubes. Finally garnish with a piece of fresh pineapple. Relax and enjoy as if you were on holiday in the sun!

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