Civil Partnership Wedding

In May we arranged a Civil Partnership wedding in Liverpool for Warren and Kieran. In fact we all felt very privileged at Cheshire Cocktails as we made history that day, as it was the first Civil Partnership wedding that took place in a church! then we provided all the guests with a ‘Welcome Drink’ or drinks! afterwards. The cocktail bar was set up in the adjoining church hall, a perfect set up. As the night progressed, all the guests were amazed at some of the ‘shooters’ that we set fire too! and all the lovely cocktails that we were serving. Another fantastic night for all.!

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Cocktail Demonstration Evening

In May of this year, we have completed a Cocktail Demonstration evening in Shropshire. This is where we provided two members of staff, (one of which was a ‘highly trained’ cocktail barman). We explained how the cocktails were invented and roughly when the cocktail was first made (and by whom). Then we went into demonstrating how to make the cocktails, by breaking the elements of making each cocktail down. This was great fun, as once we had made the first cocktail, the guests normally come in ‘pairs’ and make themselves a cocktail, under our guidance. We bring all the smaller equipment for the event, cocktail shakers, pourers etc as part of the service. We were also treated to a sit down meal afterwards, which was very kind of the client. Once again, a great night!

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30th Birthday Party

In April we completed a Birthday Party event. As you can see from our Testimonial from 2012, we had a great night working locally in Chester. Clare (who booked us) wanted a ‘Free Bar’, using our services before they went into ‘town’ afterwards. Lovely people to work for Clare and Shane, and a brilliant night with everyone enjoying the cocktails. We hope their were not too many sore heads the next day!




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