One of the most important decisions before making any cocktail, is to make sure you have selected the correct glass, for the ‘right’ cocktail. Their is nothing worse than serving a cocktail that has just been mixed properly, and it ends up in the wrong type of glass. Whatever glass you decide to use, you need to check the glass is clean and free from chips or marks, such as lipstick. Always try to hold the glass, by the stem or the base of the glass, this is to help and avoid unnecesary finger print marks, which are not acceptable. Also, it is unprofessional to put your fingers inside the glass, if it looks dirty? then the solution is to re-wash the glass, then polish the glass afterwards. We tend to pre-chill all our cocktail glasses, by placing ice cubes in the cocktail glass, while we are mixing the cocktail.

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Alabama Slammer-Cocktail

How to make the above cocktail, you will need the following ingredients/equipment:

Southern Comfort

Cherry Brandy

Peach Snaps

Pineapple Juice


Gib Beverage Glass (or similar from your cupboard)

Ice Cubes

2 x straws

Cocktail Shaker/Glass

This is a long, very enjoyable cocktail, and easy to drink. It is also fairly easy to make!

Pour equal measures (one shot of each), of Southern Comfort, Cherry Brandy and Peach Snaps into the bottom of the cocktil shaker, with (about a third of the way up the cocktail shaker), the pineapple juice. Then shake the cocktail mix roughly 10/15 times over your shoulder. Pour it from the shaker into the glass, over the ice cubes. Finally, garnish with a slice of fresh pineapple. Relax and enjoy! 


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