Asian Wedding

In June we arranged our largest event since being in business. It was an Asian wedding, at a venue in Oldham, Greater Manchester, for 450 guests. It was very colourful with all the dancing! The guests obviously liked the cocktails as alot of cocktails went ‘out’ across the bar, early on in the night. Nisha (who booked us), kindly arranged for all our staff to be treated to the ‘Indian Banquet’ as a sit down meal, (as if we were one of the guests), which has never happened before! Please have a look at us all sitting down on the bottom of the Gallery page.

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50th Birthday Party

In June we completed a few events. As you can see from our Testimonial from 2011, we had an amazing night overlooking the beach near Abersoch, North Wales. The beach chalet was a fantastic venue to hold a birthday party, using our services. Lovely people to work for Judith and Wayne, and a brilliant night, with the sun coming down as we worked outside until it got dark. Then it poured down with rain, just as we were packing up, never mind, it was well worth it!

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“Failing to Plan, Is Planning to Fail”

In our experience, and this is from running mobile bars/mobile cocktail bars, the most important thing to remember, is that the event is normally quite short in duration, i.e. 2,3 or 5 hours. But it can take several hours, (well before the event), to organise and have a ‘stress free’ occasion. For example, you will need to contact your friends/relatives (with an invite), organise the venue, think about catering requirements, Group or DJ or both to consider. The list is endless….But it is like everything, if you plan effectively, it will be a great event! For a good guide on what you may need to consider , for getting your party ‘off with a bang’, take a look at our links page, which gives a good selection of other services.

Of course you may need help in organising your event-this we can help you with!


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