Measuring (Shots)

To make any good cocktail it is essential to have a balance of each element (within the cocktail) poured correctly. Therefore the accuracy with which the ingredients are measured is critical to the flavour of the finished cocktail. In most of my cocktail recipes, I have explained to use a single ”shot’ (25ml) or sometimes a double ‘shot’ (50ml). You can either use a ‘shot’ glass to help you measure correctly or alternatively you could use a plastic medicine measure, (if you do not have the proper stainless steel measure available). Some cocktail barmen measure shots by counting time and estimating the amount of fluid flowing through the bottle’s spout. This is known as ‘free pouring’ and can be accurate in skilled hands. Hope this information is useful to you.

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To make any good cocktail it is essential to have a good plentiful supply of fresh ice. You can buy bagged ice, form most supermarkets but avoid the hollow, tubular or wafer thin ice. Alternatively you can fill ice cube trays with tap water, to make the ice cubes. Your ice should be dry and avoid ‘wet’ ice that has started to thaw. Most of my recipes use cubed ice, but some refer to ‘crushed’ ice. You can also buy this in some supermarkets or alternatively you can crush ice cubes in an ice crusher machine or by simply hitting a plastic bag or tea towel of cubed ice with a rolling pin. Finally, never use ice in a cocktail shaker twice, even if it’s to mix the same drink as last time and you should always throw way ice after straining the drink in a cocktil shaker as well. Hope you have found this information helpful.

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One of the most important decisions before making any cocktail, is to make sure you have selected the correct glass, for the ‘right’ cocktail. Their is nothing worse than serving a cocktail that has just been mixed properly, and it ends up in the wrong type of glass. Whatever glass you decide to use, you need to check the glass is clean and free from chips or marks, such as lipstick. Always try to hold the glass, by the stem or the base of the glass, this is to help and avoid unnecesary finger print marks, which are not acceptable. Also, it is unprofessional to put your fingers inside the glass, if it looks dirty? then the solution is to re-wash the glass, then polish the glass afterwards. We tend to pre-chill all our cocktail glasses, by placing ice cubes in the cocktail glass, while we are mixing the cocktail.

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